In 1949, the land that was to become Sheldon Road Baptist church was originally a dairy farm. The main part of the building was the old barn with stanchions for the cows still there. Sheldon Road was two lanes and there was lots of uncleared land. From Broad Street to the side of the church was dense foliage.

Reverend Clyde Ketchum saw potential in this place. He purchased the land himself, and on April 14, 1968 Reverend Ketchum opened its doors as a chapel. Citrus Park Baptist Church sponsored Reverend Ketchum. Reverend Ketchum wrote letters to his many friends asking for help. He got many responses from friends, even military friends. Sheldon Road Baptist Chapel was debt-free most of Reverend Ketchum’s term as pastor. The donations and tithes and donated work kept it debt-free. Reverend Ketchum built many churches in Florida. He did a lot of chalk drawings at the Sunday night services. They were very impressive and they were all scripture. They were pictures describing songs. A picture of Reverend Ketchum is taken at a wedding he performed on December 23, 1972.

On October 1, 1973 Brother Dennis Clemons was called to serve as interim pastor until such time as a new pastor could be chosen. Dennis was a Gideon. Bay Ceia Baptist Church had taken over sponsorship. On October 1, 1973, Reverend Jesse Albritton was called as the full-time pastor. On September 7, 1975, under Reverend Albritton’s direction, Sheldon Road Baptist Chapel became a full constituted church, now Sheldon Road Baptist Church. A picture of Reverend Albritton at a reception for the GA’s coronation is available.

On May 9, 1976 Brother Dennis Clemons again was called as interim pastor. He served until September 1, 1976. He came many times as Gideon and preached several times.

On September 8, 1976 Reverend Stanley E. Young Sr. served as interim pastor. Reverend Young was a Chaplin at the seaport. For years Sheldon Road Baptist Church filled shoeboxes for the foreign sailors at Christmas. A pictured of Reverend Young a t a wedding on December 28, 1976 is available.

On January 1, 1977 Reverend Ray Walls became the full-time pastor. There were many improvements made. Landscaping projects were done, building a parking lot, sidewalks, shrubs and the distinctive landmark of three crosses on a hill were added. Chimes have been added to the benefit of the church and the community. Many improvements inside and outside the building were made. More property was purchased in December 1986.

There have been many music directors, pianists, organists etc. The first piano was donated by a friend of Reverend Ketchum. It was a concert grand piano. It lasted many years. Also a utility building for equipment was built and donated by a member. Also organs have been donated.

Reverend Russell Carter served as pastor of Sheldon Road Baptist church from 1999 to 2010. Reverend Carter over saw the stone put on the front of the church. He also saw the baptistery remodeled and changing rooms made for the ladies and gentlemen and the preacher. Reverend Carter retired on November 1, 2010.

Reverend Tom Biles and several other pastors supplied us with pastors until we chose Reverend Mark Nunes in August 2011.