Children: K-3rd We want your child to learn about Jesus Christ, but have fun doing it. Sunday school is a safe place where they can laugh, learn, play, explore, grow, and feel loved.

We want you to know that at Sheldon Road Baptist we value your kids and the opportunity we have to be a part of their lives. We guarantee we will take them on an adventure each week that is not only fun but one where they will encounter Christ along the way.

Adult You want to grow in the Lord, for the sake of yourself, your relationships, and family, and because you are hungering for more. More God. You want to have a close and intimate relationship with Him. And it’s hard to do that when your co- workers are far from seeking the Lord or your Christian friends are satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle.

Every Sunday during Sunday School here at Sheldon Road Baptist (SRBC) you can come, grow, and learn from other who have the same desires – to live out the purposes of God in their lives.

Sunday school classes are set up to create a group for you that you can feel comfortable in. You can share your burdens, and support others during their hard times. It’s also just a really fun place to get together with genuine people who desire to pursue Christ.