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The Lights of the World
We are to let our light shine for all to see
Helmet of Salvation
You are what you eat, physically. You are what you THINK, spiritually. The battle with temptation and sin "begins inĀ  the mind"
Tearing Down the Temples of Hell
We are to be IN the world, just not OF the world. God has placed us right at the door of opportunity. Will you step through it?
Repentance Demanded
Jesus teaches us the Urgency of Repentance.
The Wise and Foolish Builders
Jesus is speaking of the absolute necessity of building your life on the right kind of foundation.
Abide in Christ
The Vine, the branches, and the fruit. Jesus has just warned His followers that He is leaving, but that He will send His Spirit in His place. He will send…
Guarding Your Heart
Our hearts will dictate where our Thoughts, Eyes and Feet go.